Summary and References


There is good evidence supporting the use of Glucosamine, chonodroitin and ASU. These OJHS provide an alternative and natural approach to pain therapy. Patients may also benefit from Green tea and Ginger extract although the benefits of these drugs are less researched than Glucosamine, Chondroitin and ASU. Nutraceuticals can be used alone or in combination with other drug therapy (such as NSAIDS ). Because nutraceuticals have pharmaceutical properties they can interfere with prescription and over the counter drugs. It is ALWAYS important to check with you health care professional before starting any new supplement. Patients with a history of heart disease, renal dysfunction, or any other health condition must consult your physician before use.

Tips to help you include OJHS as part of your treatment plan:
1. Research your supplement, search for pure ingredients checked by USP, consumer lab or NPA.
2. Check with your physician before starting a supplement. Bring a list of medications to your doctors visit. Review your health history and possible drug interactions.
3. Check the recommended dose of supplement.
4. Take only as prescribed or instructed by your physician.

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