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What we do at VCC

Expanding the Science of Cartilage Longevity

The Virginia Cartilage Center is a comprehensive treatment facility for cartilage injuries and degeneration.  This web site represents an overview of much of the pertinent information on the diagnosis and treatment of cartilage damage and is meant to be an educational resource for physicians, therapists, students, and patients.

The content of this site consists of a large body of work with contributions from many cartilage professionals, including surgeons, therapists, biomechanical and tissue engineering scientists and student researchers.

The purpose of this work is to provide an updated overview of cartilage science, including the basic science of cartilage and the clinical applications thereof.  Discussion of current research, new technology, and experimental techniques are presented. 

The vector control program at VCC teaches on how to understand the forces across the knee joint and answer the questions:

·      What are the optimal lines of force across the joint? 
·      How does one control these lines of force? 
·      How can one change the way their body works to improve joint forces over a lifetime? 

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