Background and Rationale

This site is managed by Dr W.E. Nordt, MD, a cartilage specialist in Richmond, VA.   Dr. Nordt is the director of the Virginia Cartilage Center.  The body of literature regarding cartilage science is extraordinarily vast.  Attempts to narrow this material into a focused overview will invariably call upon the time-consuming editorial process to prioritize information.  We apologize for any omissions but will strive to keep the site relevant, yet not exhaustive.

The material presented in the web pages is referenced to a reasonable degree and we will continue to update references regularly.

This site has been designed to provide educational material for patients and professionals. We have organized the study of cartilage into the categories listed below, each written by a specialist with interest and expertise in that particular area of study.  There is intentional overlap in each of these sections as we expect viewers will read only selected sections, pertinent to themselves.